"Passionate about the positive results that are achieved when introducing children to
team sports the “Hi-Five” way".

Pizza, Michael Jordan and Hi-Five Sports. We’re a huge part of Chicago tradition dating back to 1990. We’re a family founded business that looked at public sport and volunteer programs and thought… this could be a lot better! So we’ve been innovating recreational youth sports to work with younger ages, in over a dozen sports, making it fun and filling the needs of parents, schools and communities. We have some of the largest sports summer camps in our areas. Between the over one dozen sports the kids play and the novel themes, events and contests – we’re number one in multi-sport summer camp fun for all kids’ ages.

Hi-Five Sports sees team sports as a vehicle for improving the current and future well being of children. Now more than ever the need for children to be physically active and dis-connected from technology has never been so prevalent. Life lessons that are learned through sports are being ignored all too often and a generation of children are missing out on key life lessons that will be instrumental in their personal growth. The personal growth principles we carry on our sleeves include:





Interpersonal relationships and communication.

Path to physical well being and a healthy lifestyle.

What is means to win and lose.

We look at youth recreational sports as something for the whole family. We call this youth sports entertainment. And just like any good entertainment it needs to be full of fun and challenging. We have a great balance of fun and fundamentals. We take sports seriously but we always say “you need a good sense of humor” too.

A note from our CEO, Ryan Tuchman, “We think of Hi-Five in the same respect as a College or University. We expose young children to a number of team sports in a fun and entertaining manner that is not intimidating or negative in any way. We allow them to choose the path that they want to go down. Whether it’s a focus on one specific sport or none at all. The treasure is in the positive experiences they had in team sports that will shape them for the rest of their lives”.

And this formula doesn’t just work in Chicagoland. We’re in multiple states in over a dozen cities and growing. Hi-Five Franchising launched in early 2016 to ensure Hi-Five becomes a household name in Youth Sports. Now is your chance to GET IN THE GAME!


Existing Rec Facility Model

Make “Dead Time” into Prime Time!

Summers and school days tend to be the slowest times for recreation facilities. We’ve built programs that turn off hours into big revenue. We’re multi-sport, summer camp experts. We have over 25 continual years providing the best summers any sport loving kid can have. It’s not a fluke. We’re operating in four states at a dozen locations.

Those camps come in great for winter and spring breaks and days off of school. Beyond that, we have four different sports for tots that you can run on school days to bring in kids ages 3-5.

Of course, we have flag football and basketball leagues. All these programs feed summer camp.


Home Based Business Model

You love kids’ sports, now, build your business!

Hi-Five Sports has the best quality youth sports programs in the nation. Focused on fun and fundamentals, we provide classes, leagues and fabulous sports camps. Our programs are documented, step-by-step. We also have face-to-face training and videos on demand. Fun and sports fundamentals is what we provide for ages 3 – 13.

We also know how to build buzz and get the word out to fill the programs. We have multiple, easy to deploy marketing strategies including our costume mascot for community events, school relationship plans, direct mail and community promotion packages.


Looking for New and Different? Hi-Five Sports Zone!

The Hi-Five Sports Zone is your own small, sports center. At under 10,000 square feet, you get to set up where families live and shop. You run all our fun-filled classes, leagues and camps plus amazing sports birthday parties- complete with our mascot Murphy and turning “Murphy coins” into party prizes.

This great resource to your community scales fast, allows others to rent and connects with schools. We have a whole community launch plan to create the kind of splash at your grand opening that leads to program and birthday party sales right from day one. You get an exclusive territory that gives you opportunities to grow outside the building.



Hi-Five Programming Ecosystem

With over 25 years of experience you're learning from the best. We've had successes and mistakes in programming and we've turned it into a system that works in any community. During the lifetime of Hi-Five Sports, the number one lesson learned is there is a project timeline from a new location launch to having a successful Hi-Five Sports Camp. The process starts with running quality toddler classes in basketball, flag football, t-ball and soccer and then offering K-5th grade leagues in those sports. Finally, it culminates into a huge multi-sport summer camp.

It's a process that has worked well coast to coast and is a key to your success.







Hi-Five has a well designed, easy to use, password protected website specifically for our franchisees at hifivesportsfranchise.com. The site includes all of our programs documented, step-by-step. We also have training videos that are available at your finger tips. Aside from our manuals and videos we also have all of our key logos available for download at anytime, as well as, marketing concepts, design templates, and in-house brainstorming ideas. Lastly, we included an e-commerce system that allows you to purchase our very cool branded promotional items.













The franchise management team has a combined 50 years of business and recreational sports experience. Our desire to be ahead of the industry curve has driven us to create the cutting edge in programs, marketing and innovation. The Sports Zone is the culmination of everything we’ve built!

We provide what’s new, different, exciting and fun. Our mascot Murphy is great for birthdays and community events. The Murphy Mart exchanges “Murphy Coins” earned from their participation and sportsmanship into branded prizes. Kid-sized courts and fields are specifically designed for younger players to build confidence and success. Parent convenience and program quality is our focus. We use digital screens and custom Murphy cartoons to encourage kids to play using sports fundamentals and sportsmanship.


The Tools for Success

  • The hiring process is key and we will train you to find the perfect employees to meet your mission
  • Going above and beyond for our customers.
  • A 25+ year tradition of operating premier sports camps.
  • Program curriculums that achieve the highest level of fun for children and give parents the communications and service they expect.
  • Word of mouth. Families have loved Hi-Five for 25 years and with two generations under our belt you benefit.
  • Logos for all programs.
  • Hi-Five Mascot - Hi-Five Murphy.
  • Contributions from an experienced management team.
  • Physical Educators and Athletic Directors work closely with us.
  • Technology supporting all efforts.
  • Proven marketing and sales programs.
  • Combined Youth Sports Experience totaling over 100 years.
  • Film/TV expertise.
  • The only organization in this space focusing on Youth Sports Entertainment.




The programs offered may vary location to location. We will assist in market analysis to ensure program offerings match community needs. However, Hi-Five Sports Camp remains our marque program. We don't just offer sports for children. It's entertainment for the entire family. Our leagues and parties become a family event for all ages. Our camps and classes are targeted to children but when family is present it's an all out celebration.


  • Ryan Tuchman AKA Murphy

    Ryan is a true visionary in the Youth Sports Industry.  His mission is for Hi-Five to become a global brand through the use of his unique spin on "Family Entertainment".  With over 15 years experience in Marketing and Sales in the start-up world, and as a filmmaker he brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the team. Ryan was exposed to the launch of Hi-Five Sports Camp in 1990 by his father Marv in the Chicagoland Area. He was a Hi-Five Coach throughout High School and College...and moved to full-time management in 2006. After perfecting the model in the Chicagoland area Ryan launched the national business in 2011.  Ryan’s vision is for Hi-Five Sports to become a household name and he is well on his way.
  • Danny Tuchman AKA BAM BAM

    Vice President of Training
    Danny is the force behind ensuring overall program quality. His ability to take coaches under his wing and turn them into local celebrities is like non-other.  He is what Hi-Five is all about.  He grew up participating in all Hi-Five programs. He coached at Hi-Five since 15 years old and continues to to impact the lives of thousands of families in Chicagoland area to this day. Danny was an integral part of training our new operators in our company owned locations in AZ and CA. His role will be to ensure all franchisees are experts just like himself.
  • Jared Marnstein AKA Graphics

    Graphic Design Manager
    Jared is the force behind our graphic design and websites. He has been working with Hi-Five Sports since 2012 -- and is in charge of supporting all of our franchisees with their design and web needs. No task is too small or too big for Jared. He can offer assistance in anything from social media graphics, to updating web pages, to designing mailers and brochures.
  • Joseph Fisher AKA Mighty Mouse

    Director of Sales
    Joseph is a former collegiate basketball player and has a passion to see kids succeed in sports. He also has experience coaching children in a number of sports and variety of ages. Joseph has 10+ years of leadership experience, building sales and distribution channels in multiple markets. He formerly served as the founder and CEO of Ion Enterprises, a global distribution company, that expanded to six countries. Joseph comes to Hi-Five with the goal of expanding our franchise reach to dozens of more locations and working together with only the top operators across the US.

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