Owning a Hi-Five Sports Franchise is so much more than just owning your own business. You become “the place to be” offering Youth Sports Entertainment. Hi-Five Sports Camp has been the premier multi-sport camp experience for over 25 years. Gain instant credibility and expertise the day you become a franchise! If you are looking to provide year-round programs we also have a number of other programs to fill your calendar.

Why Hi-Five Sports

Leading the way since 1990. Hi-Five is Celebrating its 25th year of operations.

The Hi-Five Hook

Hi-Five is a premium brand appealing to the most discerning parents.

Our Program Lineup

We offer something to appeal to any child.

Cutting Edge Marketing Promotions

We market for kids sports to be celebrated.

Why Hi-Five Sports

our story – changing the game

It all started in 1990 with Marvin Tuchman, a sports-minded entrepreneur in the suburbs of Chicago. A father of two sons, he was unimpressed with sports program options for his children. He set out to start Hi-Five Sports Camp Inc. His mission was to provide quality coaches and programming with an emphasis on personalized instruction and positive reinforcement. He also wanted sports to maintain a sense of humor and always be fun. Regardless of a child's skill level the goal remained the same, have a great time, while learning the value of teamwork and good sportsmanship. The concept was an immediate success throughout the North Shore suburbs of Chicago.

Several years later Marvin connected with a local entrepreneur to duplicate the successful sports leagues and summer camp concepts in downtown Chicago. Downtown was an immediate success and Hi-Five established a huge presence throughout Chicago and its North Shore Suburbs.

boysIn the new millennium, Marvin’s children, Ryan and Danny, started to add their influence to the brand. They launched a number of toddler sports classes, new leagues, and other programs to compliment the marque product, Hi-Five Sports Camp. The mission is to provide high quality sports programs unmatched by competitors. “With everything we do we strive to meet two basic principles”… says Ryan Tuchman CEO, “PROGRAM QUALITY AND CONVENIENCE FOR PARENTS. THESE ARE THE KEY PRINCIPLES WE LIVE BY."

Hi-Five spent the next five years building, testing and perfecting this business model. From the day Ryan Tuchman took over as CEO he had a clear mission to make Hi-Five a household name. In 2011 that mission was launched.

In 2011 Hi-Five Sports opened its first locations across state lines in Scottsdale, AZ and in Menlo Park, CA. With successful launches and burgeoning program enrollments, the mission to delight children and families with family sports and entertainment was achieved.

zone_buildingRyan moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2013 to be closer to the newest locations. With two young children under 6, he quickly learned sports options for this age group were really limited in urban areas. Ryan's passion for sports, family entertainment, and innovation drove him to create the Hi-Five Sports Zone. It's a state-of-the-art indoor sports facility in an urban retail setting that's 3,000 to 10,000 square feet in size. "The Zone" has a basketball court and the option for artificially turfed space and social areas to help foster sports exploration and development. Classes, leagues, and camps are used from Hi-Five’s proprietary curriculum that have been proven and tested for over 25 years. The facility is designed specifically for younger children with kid-sized hoops and courts. In the evenings the Zone is the perfect space for adult sports leagues and practices. Best of all, The zone offers a unique birthday experience with its mascot (Murphy - the French Bulldog). The Zone also has the "Murphy Mart" - a gift shop that children can redeem prizes for Murphy Coins.

Because of its long history and positive buzz we began franchising in the United States in January 2015 to take advantage of this demand. This is your opportunity to bring your community the best in youth sports and entertainment. Let us know if you're interested in Joining The Team.

Our unique perspective on Youth Sports Entertainment is the difference-maker.


Every Industry needs a benchmark for the utmost in quality whatever the product may be.  For 25+ years now we have positioned Hi-Five as the highest quality brand in this space with the best sports camp option in each market. Consider Hi-Five the luxury brand in the youth sports industry.

Hi-Five achieves this in a number of ways:

  • The hiring process is key and we will train you to find the perfect employees to meet your mission
  • Going above and beyond for our customers.
  • A 25+ year tradition of operating premier sports camps.
  • Program curriculums that achieve the highest level of fun for children and give parents the communications and service they expect.
  • Word of mouth. Families have loved Hi-Five for 25 years and with two generations under our belt you benefit.
  • Logos for all programs.
  • Hi-Five Mascot - Hi-Five Murphy.
  • Contributions from an experienced management team.
  • Physical Educators and Athletic Directors work closely with us.
  • Technology supporting all efforts.
  • Proven marketing and sales programs.
  • Combined Youth Sports Experience totaling over 100 years.
  • Film/TV expertise.
  • The only organization in this space focusing on Youth Sports Entertainment.

Our Program Line Up

our story – changing the game

The programs offered may vary location to location. We will assist in market analysis to ensure program offerings match community needs. We believe in offering year-round programs for children. We consider ourselves a "Family Sports Entertainment Company". We don't just offer sports for children. It's entertainment for the entire family. Our leagues and parties become a family event for all ages. Our camps and classes are targeted to children but when family is present it's an all out celebration.

Below is a list of our current offerings:

HI-FIVE SPORTS CAMP - It all starts here. This is what we are known for. 1-8 weeks of pure team multi-sport entertainment for children Pre-K - 8th grade. Our first camp launched in Lake Forest, IL in 1991.

HI-FIVE HOOPS LEAGUE - Hi-Five Hoops provides a fun, competitive and fast paced learning environment where players in Kindergarten - 5th Grade can hone their skills and elevate their game! The program includes clinics, draft, regular season and playoffs. Our first league started in Northbrook, IL in 1990.

HI-FIVE NFL FLAG FOOTBALL LEAGUE - Partnered with Play 360, the season will be comprised of regular season games, followed by single elimination playoffs. There are prizes for the winning teams in each division. At the end of the season the "Hi-Five NFL Flag Super Bowl Champions" will be crowned! Our first league started in 2008 in Northbook, IL.

HI-FIVE AFTER SCHOOL CLUB - At Hi-Five daycare is a dirty word. We like to call it Sports-Care. We offer programs after school ends in the form of team sports enrichment. Programs are modeled after our Sports Camp. Our first program started in 2008 in Northbrook, IL

HI-FIVE LITTLE BALLERS - This is a weekly developmental basketball program for children 3-5 years old. Our first Little Ballers class debuted in 2008.


HI-FIVE LIL' HEISMEN - This is a weekly developmental flag football program for children 3-5 years old. Our first Lil' Heismen class debuted in 2009.

HI-FIVE BASEBALLERS - This is a weekly developmental baseball program for children 3-5 years old. Our first Baseballers class debuted in 2009

HI-FIVE T-BALL LEAGUE - A league of their own - for the lil' guys & gals. Everything is kid-sized here. Our first league debuted in 2010.

HI-FIVE BIRTHDAY PARTIES - "There ain't no party like a Hi-Five Party". Enough said. The first party was in 2003.

HI-FIVE P.E. OUTSOURCE -  Hi-Five also can manage P.E. programs at public and private schools. Lesson plans have been created by our experienced management team.



Hi-Five prides itself on its marketing. Our goal is to make you the most successful youth sports provider in your community. Aside from running high quality programs, an integral part of your success will be marketing. Here's how we can help:

  • Provide a consultative approach to marketing - assisting you in creating your marketing plan, season-by-season.
  • Trademarked Mascot Hi-Five Murphy Suit. There is no better way to beat the competition with the most unique guerrilla marketing street teams.
  • A variety of video content is available on YouTube and Vimeo.
  • Social Media campaign efforts and participation.
  • Direct marketing templates.
  • Working with established location owners.


  • Ryan Tuchman AKA Murphy

    Ryan is a true visionary in the Youth Sports Industry.  His mission is for Hi-Five to become a global brand through the use of his unique spin on "Family Entertainment".  With over 15 years experience in Marketing and Sales in the start-up world, and as a filmmaker he brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to the team. Ryan was exposed to the launch of Hi-Five Sports Camp in 1990 by his father Marv in the Chicagoland Area. He was a Hi-Five Coach throughout High School and College...and moved to full-time management in 2006. After perfecting the model in the Chicagoland area Ryan launched the national business in 2011.  Ryan’s vision is for Hi-Five Sports to become a household name and he is well on his way.
  • Seth Temko AKA Yoda

    President & COO
    Seth is a serial startup entrepreneur with over 16 years experience in product management, technology development and operational execution. He’s worked in the relocation, computer goods, multi-unit franchise, hospitality and recreational sports industries. He is instrumental in ensuring Hi-Five is on the path to becoming a household name.   At Hi-Five, Seth is referred to as "The Yoda of opportunity assessment, market opportunity validation, business modeling and operational execution plans".
  • Danny Tuchman AKA BAM BAM

    Vice President || Sports Clubs Development
    Danny is the force behind ensuring overall program quality. His ability to take coaches under his wing and turn them into local celebrities is like non-other.  He is what Hi-Five is all about.  He grew up participating in all Hi-Five programs. He coached at Hi-Five since 15 years old and continues to to impact the lives of thousands of families in Chicagoland area to this day. Danny was an integral part of training our new operators in our company owned locations in AZ and CA. His role will be to ensure all franchisees are experts just like himself.
  • Chris Tabarez AKA C-TAB

    Vice President || Sports Zone Development
    Chris Tabarez joined our team in 2011. He’s a former San Francisco State Gator and professional basketball player in Mexico, a teacher, coach, and athletic Director with an uncanny ability to lead and inspire young children. Chris has experience managing our Silicon Valley location and as the first Hi-Five Sports Zone GM in San Francisco. His role will be to assist franchisees in the day-to-day facets of running their own Hi-Five Sports Zone location.

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