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Your start to a new and rewarding business with a Hi-Five Sports franchise is only 7 steps away!

STEP 1 - Contact Us
Contact us! Let us know you’re interested and where you are located. You can contact us via the website contact form, email or phone.

STEP 2 – Let’s Talk!
This is our chance to get to know each other with a brief phone call. We’ll answer general questions and point you to additional decision resources. After the call our management team will discuss if becoming a franchisee is good for both parties… We take this step seriously! Your success is our success.

STEP 3 – You’re approved!
You made the first cut! Once approved we will set up another call discussing more detailed information. We’ll
discuss our territory, demographics, types of facilities and conduct a competitive analysis of your area.

STEP 4 - Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
We will send our full franchise disclosure documents and a sample contract so you can learn about all the details, rewards and risks of starting your own business. There is a 14 day period in which you should consult with partners and attorneys. We are happy to answer questions and discuss the full details of the franchise and the documents

STEP 5 – Field Trip to our flag ship location(s)
This is the final step in the due diligence process. The first option is to visit our brand new Hi-Five Sports Zone in Northbrook Court (Northbrook, IL). This is the largest sports zone facility that occupies 14,000 square feet of mall space. You can also visit our corporate headquarters in San Francisco and get a tour of the Hi-Five Sports Zone and our Silicon Valley sports club location. Aside from seeing our programs in action there is no better place to get to know each other and participate in one of our team building activities.

STEP 6 – Let's do this!
You made the final cut! At this stage we will send you the final contracts and both parties will execute. Now the fun begins!

STEP 7 – Unleash the Magic
You will send us the executed contract along with the Franchise Upfront Fee payment which is $12,900 for a Hi-Five Sports Club franchise (Sports Zone is $25K ). Our design team will work with you on creating your location pages on and get you set up to start taking online registrations. Our training and operations team will start to work with you on your launch. We will see you on training day! Welcome to the Club!


What is the initial investment?
The total estimated initial investment for a Hi-Five Sports Club franchise is between $17,900 - $49,150. The total estimated initial investment for a Hi-Five Sports Zone franchise is between $120,175 - $488,225. A Hi-Five Sports Zone franchise has a higher cost due to buildout and lease costs. These ranges are based on your territory, level of community contacts, franchise type and existing Industry knowledge and experience.

What are the Fees?

  • Hi-Five Sports Club Model Initial Fee - $9,900 or $12,900 (Existing youth focused businesses and/or sports facilities qualify for the lower rate).
  • Hi-Five Sports Zone Model Initial Fee - $25,000.
  • 8.5% royalty on gross sales.
  • $125 per month for Hi-Five Business eSuite. Waived for first 6 months of operation.

What is the Hi-Five Business eSuite?
This is our proprietary technology that allows you to operate your franchise at a fraction of the cost. Included in the eSuite is the following:

  • Your own custom Hi-Five website.
  • Online registration, credit card processing, and roster reporting.
  • Website updates & Graphic Design services.
  • On-Demand consulting services.
  • Your own unique franchise landing page that measures your performance and keeps you on track with
  • business objectives.

Why Hi-Five Sports?
We have been in this industry for over 25 years. Hi-Five spent decades perfecting the business model across state-lines through its company owned locations. The business model is proven and has a number of employees who have made this their career. We coined the term “Youth Sports Entertainment”. We pride ourselves with a unique philosophy of creating family entertainment and running programs with a sense of humor. Lastly, we further innovated our concept by introducing the Hi-Five Sports Zone in 2014. This unique brick and mortar concept is the first of its kind.

What is the term Hi-Five Celebrity?
At Hi-Five Sports coaches aren’t just coaches. They are local celebrities. You will hear this over and over. We create cartoon bobble heads of our staff, make them lead characters in videos and bring them to celebrity status. Our goal is for all Hi-Five staff to be famous among children in their local communities. When you see children dressed up as a Hi-Five coach for Halloween you accomplished this mission!

Who is Murphy?
Murphy is our lovable French Bulldog mascot. Murphy was actually the founders dog and passed away several
years ago. Immortalized today, you can see him playing sports with children, at local events and on the street leading local marketing street teams and giving plenty of “Hi-Fives”. Most importantly, French Bulldogs are goofy and make everyone laugh. So, this was an ideal choice for Hi-Five. Mascot suits are used for all locations!

What programs come with my franchise?
A great part of being a member of our club is our management team is made up of entrepreneurs and industry experts that are constantly creating new programs and revenue streams. Once they become available you will have access to all of them. We currently offer the following:

  • Multi-Sport Camps - all team sports and specialty events. Offered when school is on break or days off.
  • Team Sports Leagues.
  • Preschool Enrichment - Classes, camps, and after-school programs.
  • Physical Education Outsourcing - manage P.E. programs for public and private schools.
  • Birthday Parties.

How do I set up my website?
A fully functional website with online registration is included in the initial fee. Your Hi-Five Sports Club or Zone franchise will be selected in our LOCATIONS tab on Once you click on your location you have all of your own pages you will see on the website today. Having your website be part of our splash page allows customers in other cities to let their friends know about you in your specific territory.

Do I need to have marketing experience to buy a franchise?
No you don’t. We are experts at marketing youth sports programs and will train you the Hi-Five way. We also have a password protected back-end to our website that hosts all of our logos, marketing materials, contracts and more. Great marketing materials, ideas and efforts you need are always at your fingertips or just a phone call away.

Do I need to be an experienced coach to buy a franchise?
No you don’t. You will need a basic understanding of sports and be outgoing. Leave the rest to us and we will turn you into a Hi-Five celebrity in no time. We also have program manuals broken down minute by minute for each program. Some programs have tutorial videos as well.

Is there training?
Yes. 2.5 days of training is included in your initial upfront fee at our corporate headquarters in San Francisco, CA. Other arrangements may be made to train at one of our satellite locations as well. We also offer “First Event Onsite Training” in which our training expert will be at your location to oversee your first major event (i.e. league or camp).

Is this a full-time job?
Yes. Like everything in life success is achieved through focus on the main task at hand. From the past 25 years we have seen this success through full-time location management.

How do you set up a territory?
We know all regions are different. All cities and suburbs are different. With that in mind, we will create custom territories based on your needs and ensuring that the total population is under 260,000. Communities have natural boundaries we use as well such as waterways, highways, and major thoroughfares. We will work with you to create the territory that makes the most sense for you.

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